This winter several African migrants in the US made the treacherous, snowy trek on foot across the border into Canada, acquiring frostbite, respite, attention, asylum.

CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES — A number of vivid reports have emerged on migration difficulties for Africans in North America during winter resulting in dangerous border crossings into Canada on foot despite snow and freezing temperatures. Two of the most concerning are presented to us through the BBC: of an anonymous family seeking refuge from the US in Canada, and of two men also seeking asylum status in Canada, after losing fingers to frostbite during the winter trek across the border. A photo essay of the crossing is also available via The GuardianGiven the emotional content of the reports’ accompanying videos, it is worth viewing the clip below afterwards, which helps us see where there has been success aiding the reunion of African families and the creation of newly African-American diaspora communities in Texas.

(Andre Furtado)

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