Biographer, Ray Arsenault, and sports journalist William Rhoden meet to discuss the tennis champion’s life, activism, and new biography.


Genre: Talks, Conversations, Interviews.

Venue: Washington, DC, USA.

Dates: December 3, 2018.

Sponsors: National Museum of African-American History and Culture and the Smithsonian Institution.

Description: The program, titled Arthur Ashe: A Life—A Conversation Between Ray Arsenault and Bill Rhoden, is part of the Smithsonian Ingenuity Festival being held throughout its national museums to showcase recipients of awards for ingenuity.

The public conversation will begin with an interview between Raymond Arsenault, Professor of History and writer of the recently released Arthur Ashe: A Life, and the award-winning sports columnist, William C Rhoden. The event’s purpose will be to return to and provide context, meaning, and present-day resonance for Ashe’s life, his tennis, his social activism, and his oral and written public commentary of issues of continued importance. Copies of the biography will be made available for sale, with signing by Arsenault.

For more details, please see the event’s official site.

Arthur Ashe (Simon & Schuster/Arthur Ashe)

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