A conference for Bay Area and Northern California specialists and advocates of data science and usage in improving health outcomes, care systems.


Genre: Health, Public Health, Innovation, Science.

Venue:  Li Ka Shing Center, Berg Hall, Stanford medical campus, California, USA.

Dates: February 12, 2016.

Sponsors: Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences, co-hosting Open DataFest with the Stewards of Change Institute and the California Health & Human Services Agency.

Description: Open data and academic research for better public health. For the past few years, open data has increased access to public health, health care, human services, and other data, driving meaningful use and spurring data-driven innovation. At the Bay Area Regional Open DataFest event, we will explore the intersection of open data and academic research and how these two perspectives can come together to drive innovation in public health. To advance this effort, the Open DataFest will include a diverse group of participants from health, human services, public health, education, research, academia, industry, entrepreneurs, associations and a variety of other relevant organizations. The findings, recommendations, and outcomes from this session will be reprised at the state-wide Open DataFest III event in Sacramento, March 14-15, 2016.

For more information, see a conference site and the program agenda.


Publiciity for Bay Area Health Open DataFest, 2015 (Stanford CPS)

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