Drake’s unparalleled genius for melding lyric, bass, space, and syncopation is on full display in his most recent LP offering.


Genre: Music, Hip-Hop, Rap.

Title: Scorpion.

Date: June 29, 2018.

Artists/Distributors: Drake, Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records, and Republic Records.


Preview: In Scorpion, Drake sustains an unmatched pace of creativity, song-craft, and production release — to the genuine delight of both his fans and serious followers of hip-hop. As during Prince’s similarly prodigious period during the 80’s and 90’s, the extensive track listing on the album provides listeners with ample to choose from, for them to follow their musical moods and preferences while also following the artist himself, his own moods, preoccupations, and experimentation over the year since his last album. What remains unchanged — and guides us through it all — is Drake’s now widely recognized genius for melding lyric, bass, syncopation, and, most importantly, musical space into what is as much zone and perspective as it is an album. A worthy addition to his body of work.

For more from the album, please see the artist’s official site.

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