The Nigerian authors meet to discuss their writing at the forefront of “Africa’s quiet LGBT revolution” in Boston Brookline Booksmith.


Genre: Readings, Conversations, Fiction, Nonfiction.

Venue: Brookline Booksmith, Boston, MA, USA.

Dates: December 4, 2018.

Sponsors: Brookline Booksmith.

Readers/Performers: Emmanuel Iduma, Nigerian fiction writer, essayist, and co-founder of Saraba Magazine. Author of The Sound of Things to Come (first published as Farad in Nigeria). Chike Frankie Edozien, Nigerian-American writer, journalist, and professor of journalism. Author of the 2017 memoir Lives of Great Men: Living and Loving as an African Gay Man.

Description: Brookline Booksmith presents an evening with two authors currently writing at the forefront of what has been called “Africa’s quiet LGBT revolution.” Emmanuel Iduma and Chike Edozien will together discuss the place of their work in ongoing shifts in society and culture with respect to gender, sexuality, race, and citizenship, both in Nigeria and the United States. Iduma will also read from his recent collection, A Stranger’s Pose, a multigeneric traveller’s account of encounters across several African cities, inspired by and including images by photographers making that same journey before him.

For more details, please see the event’s official site.

Cover of book, Stranger's Pose (Emmanuel Iduma)

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