Glimmer Train, a journal for emerging writers since 1990, is accepting manuscripts till May 2019 for its final issue.

Genre: Submissions, Journal, Writing, Fiction.

Venue: Portland, Oregon, USA.

Dates: Continually, on rolling basis, at least until May 2019.

Publication/Editors: Glimmer Train and Susan Burmeister-Brown and Linda Swanson-Davies (Co-Editors and Sisters).

Description: Founded in 1990 by Susan Burmeister-Brown and Linda Swanson-Davies, sisters and current co-editors, Glimmer Train has triannually championed emerging writers. Notable among journals with significant, wide reading: 40% of fiction published last year were first stories accepted for the authors. As always, the acceptance rate is highly selective but submission here for new writers is also highly recommended.

The co-editors, known for reading with care and respect, look forward to your submissions.

For more details, please see the publication’s official submission guidelines here.

Sample Submitted Page from Glimmer Train (Glimmer Train)

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