The most famous Gospel Choir in the world arrives in Barcelona during the International Jazz Festival, making for a musical and multicultural celebration.


Genre: Music, Performance.

Venue:  Barcelona Arts on Stage (BARTS), Barcelona, Spain.

Date: 19 December 2017.

Sponsors: The concert is part of the 49th Voll-Damn International Festival of Jazz in Barcelona, a celebration of jazz music with a wide variety of planned activities: concerts, master classes by major figures, conferences of interest, meetings with artists, and much more. For more on sponsors, please see the complete list here.


Performers: Harlem Gospel Choir, one of the most lauded groups in gospel music. Even Catholicism’s Pope John Paul II has said, on listening to them, that “this is more than a spectacle, it is a sensation!” Such is the shared experience among the hundreds of thousands of spectators that have been astounded and left flabbergasted by the experience of listening to them live.

Preview: The well-known Harlem Gospel Choir lands in Barcelona with their new set performance, a tribute to Beyoncé that combines the popular, R&B and hiphop tunes of the North American singer with the classics of the African-American spiritual. The group, which counts a total of 65 members though on tours only 9 travel with keyboard and instrumental support, will perform next Tuesday in La Sala BARTS of Barcelona, as part of the Barcelona Internacional Festival of Jazz.

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