The flow of migrants from Africa through the Mediterranean continues — and leads to the discovered drowning of women, young, Nigerian apparently.

SALERNO, ITALY — The bodies of 26 young women were pulled from the Mediterranean this past Saturday and brought ashore in Italy. They were found floating in the water by the Spanish Navy on Friday. Survivors on nearby, partly capsized dinghies informed authorities that they were Nigerian, recently departed from Libya. The women are estimated to have been between the ages 14 and 18. Italian authorities are investigating the deaths as possible homicides, and arrests have been made.

According to the International Organization for Migration’s Coordination Office for the Mediterranean, this latest event brings the total number of deaths in the Mediterranean to 2,925 in 2017 (compared with 4,305 by this time in 2016).

A Body, Covered, Being Lifted onto Ship As Crew of Men Watch

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