In her tenth full-length album, Macy Gray’s voice is as intimate and emotive as we, in 1999, first heard it.


Genre: Music, Soul, Popular.

Title: Ruby.

Date:  September 21, 2018.

Artists & Distributors: Macy Gray and Mack Avenue Records.

Description: Macy Gray’s Ruby remains authentically contemporary in its use of bass as it plumbs the horns of mid-twentieth-century jazz and the riffs and strings of later popular music, all accompanied by background vocals that are layered to invite us in. We stay because of her voice, of course, still able to be fragile, meditative, wondrous, joyous, mischievous, sad, unapologetic, from song to song. And her lyrics, still able to catch us unawares at the end of a line or verse. A unique and prodigious talent in her element. To be enjoyed by fans of music as well as Macy Gray.

For more from the album, see the artist’s site here. For more from the artist, including concert dates, please see another official site here.

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