Michael Jackson’s Thriller turns 35 today, and its global audiences are celebrating that debut as joyously as they remember it.

SEVERAL NATIONS — Today, much of the popular music world (and legions of fans) celebrate the 35th anniversary of the release of Michael Jackson’s second full-length album, Thriller, on November 30, 1982. Co-produced by longtime, influential collaborator, Quincy Jones, the album eventually garnered a then record 7 chart-topping hits, a then record 8 grammy awards, and over 60 million copies in sales. Jackson’’s accompanying videos, as well as his electrifying live performances, almost singlehandedly changed the scope and imagination of global entertainment. The album quickly attained — and has retained — landmark status in the cannon and history of both African-American culture and musical art.

Many in the music world and beyond it are thus, today, both sharing memories of its release and missing Jackson’s presence.

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