The Army has today taken control of Zimbabwe, while indicating that none of their activities constitute a coup.

HARARE, ZIMBABWE — Early Wednesday, the Army took state control of Zimbabwe, assuring the public that the action was “not a coup.” Rather, the goal is to “target criminals” around the head of state.

This is the first military takeover in the liberated Southern African state of Zimbabwe since its independence in 1980 from white minority rule. Robert Mugabe has since then been the state’s only president, and at 93 he is, for now, both the world’s oldest head of state and one of the longest-serving. In a video, Army spokesperson has described the current President Mugabe to be “safe and sound.” South Africa’s President Zuma has said he has spoken with Mugabe, who was “fine” but confined to his home.

For more details, including the full statement released by the Army, see the full article in Publiks Africa.

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