The policy regarding independence of Western Sahara from Morocco continues with no perceptible changes, per the recent King address.

RABAT, MOROCCO — King Mohammed VI of Morocco has this week restated his firm stance against a peace deal that awards Western Sahara with independence. The announcement was made amidst a renewed attempt by the United Nations to bring an end to a dispute that has lasted several decades and divided nations throughout the continent, leading to Morocco’s virtual excommunication, until last year, from the African Union.

King Mohammed VI’s announcement was part of a speech marking the 42nd anniversary of the Green March, when hundreds of thousands of Moroccan civilians marched across the border to lay claim to the mineral-rich territory, then more commonly known as the Spanish Sahara, a Colony of Spain.

Western Sahara has since then become and remained the only territory on the continent to not have resolved its non- or post-colonial status.

For more details, see the full article in Publiks Africa.

Map of North African Coastal Territory
Map of Western Sahara Showing Current Territorial Control (CTC)

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