A no-confidence motion against the government of Édouard Philippe and Emmanuel Macron was defeated in France’s National Assembly.

PARIS, FRANCE — In part due to the immediate political climate fostered by les gilets jaunes (translated as “yellow jackets”) protesting recent fiscal and societal reforms, the far-left opposition of the current government tabled a no-confidence motion (motion de censure), directly against the leadership of Prime Minister Édouard Philippe, and by extension, against that of President Emmanuel Macron.

The primary charge of those tabling the motion, namely the severity and apparent pro-business priorities of the fiscal reforms, required the prime minister to lay out and defend details of the government’s past, present and future budgetary planning in a speech given before the vote. Such an accounting and defense included certain concessions made by Macron in light of the protests: namely, more rapidly implementing disbursements designed to alleviate fiscal strain and increase purchasing power among the middle classes.

After the speech and debate, the National Assembly voted on the motion. Only 70 of the possible 577 legislators voted in favor of the no-confidence motion.

For the prime minister’s full speech, please see the text and the video provided by the Government of France.

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