Beginning January 1, till June 30, Threepenny Review will be accepting submissions of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Genre: Submissions, Magazine, Writing, Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry.

Venue: Berkeley, California, USA.

Dates: January 1 — June 30, 2019.

Publication/Editors: Threepenny Review and Wendy Lesser (Editor).

Description: During only their reading period starting January 1 and ending June 30, Threepenny Review will receive manuscripts for review and possible publication. Submission by email is not allowed, and may be done only via regular mail or their online submission system. It is highly encouraged that you read their submission guidelines now to become familiar with its exact requirements, and also increase your chances for feedback and (hopefully) publication. They do welcome your submissions and reward published work with rights and compensation.

For more details, please see the publication’s official submission guidelines here.

Publicity for submissions to Threepenny Review (Threepenny Review)

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