SZA’s debut album surpasses the highest of expectations, by bending and expanding contemporary R&B and soul, sound, lyrics, genres.


Genre: Sound, Music, Albums, R&B, Soul.

Venue: United States and Worldwide release.

Dates: June 9, 2017.

Primary Artist/Distributors: SZA , Top Dawg Entertainment, and RCA Records.

Description: SZA surpasses every expectation in the book with her much-anticipated debut album, CTRL. And she does so by carefully, expertly, innately giving expressive account of herself flirting with the prospect of losing control. Opening herself up to that idea — and the lovers and mothers she speaks and listens to — before bringing herself back to this side of a thoroughly blurred line. What impresses is how she puts that journey to sound and lyric, both bending and expanding contemporary R&B and soul as musical categories, and winding her way into the our hearts.

For more details, please see the artists and album’s official site.

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