‘Prose of the World’

Saikat Majumdar examines how the affective experience of colonialism shaped the aesthetics we now see as hallmarks of modernism, fiction particularly. Genre: Books, Scholarship. Full Title: Prose of the World: Modernism and the Banality of Empire. Author: Saikat Majumdar, Assistant Professor of English at Stanford University. Publisher: Columbia University Press. Place: New York,...

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Hoyos’ ‘Beyond Bolaño’

Hector Hoyos challenges world literature as a homogenizing literary endeavor, focusing on how globalizing Latin American authors innovated aspects of form, voice, perspective, representation. Genre: Books, Scholarship. Full Title:  Beyond Bolaño: The Global Latin American Novel. Author: Hector Hoyos, Assistant Professor of Latin American Literature and Culture at Stanford University. Publisher: Columbia University...

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