‘Creed II’

Steven Caple Jr’s sequel to a branching from the ‘Rocky’ movies brings to the screen beloved characters and actors, their grudges, grimaces, bruises, trials, victories. Genre: Film, Sequel. Venue: United States and Worldwide Release. Date:  November 21, 2018. Primary Creators/Distributors: Steven Caple Jr (director), Sylvester Stallone (co-writer and co-producer), and MGM. Primary Actors:...

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Jason Moran Exhibit

Jason Moran combines music, film, archival images, historical account in his meditation on an African-American infantry in WWI France.  Genre: Music, Film, Performance, Viewing. Venue: Barbican Centre, London, England. Time: October 30 2018. Curators & Sponsors: Part of the Barbican’s 2018 Season, The Art of Change. Produced by the Barbican in association with...

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‘A Star is Born’

In his directorial debut, Bradley Cooper remakes the film standard, starring himself and Lady Gaga in performances that are disarming, mesmerizing, persuasive. Genre: Film, Remake, Adaptation (from short story). Venue: United States and Worldwide Release. Date:  October 5, 2018. Primary Creators/Distributors: Bradley Cooper (director, co-writer, co-producer) and Warner Bros Pictures. Primary Actors:...

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Spike Lee adds to his significant work as influential director and social commentator with a feature that is unafraid, wry, startling. Genre: Film, Adaptation (from Memoir). Venue: United States and Worldwide Release. Date:  August 10, 2018. Primary Creators/Distributors: Spike Lee (director, co-writer, co-producer) and Focus Features. Description:  Spike Lee presents a significant addition to...

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Sammy Davis Jr’s ‘I Gotta Be Me’

The life of Sammy Davis Jr is brought to engaging complexity in a documentary that is cultural, personal, political. Genre: Film, Viewing Venue: Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY, USA Time:  April 29, 2018, 7:15pm Sponsors: Brooklyn Academy of Music. Curators: Part of a BAMcinématek Series, New Voices in Black Cinema. Artists & Producers:...

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‘The Foreigner’s Home’

The venue is a museum, the medium is film, the exploratory mode is that of Toni Morrison, literary, perceptive, prescient. Genre: Film, Viewing Venue: Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY, USA Time:  April 28, 2018, 2pm Sponsors: Brooklyn Academy of Music. Curators: Part of a BAMcinématek Series, New Voices in Black Cinema. Artists &...

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‘Sorry To Bother You’

Boots Riley directs one of the most incisive and thought-expanding critiques of capitalism in recent years, ample, experimental, caustic, visionary. Genre: Film. Venue: United States and Worldwide Release. Date:  January 20, 2018. Primary Creators/Distributors: Boots Riley (director, writer) and Annapurna Pictures. Description:  In a mesmerizing directorial debut, Boots Riley crafts a film that wills...

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Ai Weiwei’s ‘Human Flow’

Film by the Chinese artist-activist has been hailed as a masterful and moving response to contemporary global migration’s concerns, disruptions, revelations. Genre: Film, Viewing Venue: Barbican Centre, London, England Time: December 8-18 2017 Curators & Sponsors: Film produced by Amazon Studios. Production: Directed and written by Ai Weiwei, one of China’s most internationally known artists, also...

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‘Boers at the End of the World’

A vivid exploration of family and historical connections across an often overlooked diaspora of Boer Africans in South America, Patagonia, Argentina. Genre: Film, Viewing Venue: Hatcher Graduate Library Gallery, Room 100 Hatcher Graduate Library, University of Michigan campus Time: December 5 2017, 4-6pm. Sponsor: University of Michigan African Studies Center, Department of Afroamerican...

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Miriam Makeba’s ‘Mother Africa’

A vivid documentary of her travel across America brings to life an unforgettable source of politics, music, inspiration. Genre: Film, Viewing Venue: Rice Media Center Rice Cinema (Rm. 100), Hoston, TX Time: November 12 2017, 4-6pm. Sponsor: Houston Cinema Arts Festival Performer: Documentary (Germany, 2011) directed By Mika Kaurismaki and written By Mika Kaurismaki...

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