Canadian Tennis Open

We provide results updates at this premier dual-city tournament — with men’s and women’s matches in Montreal and Toronto. ISSUES • Sports, Tennis PLACE • Montreal and Toronto, Canada DATES • August 2-11, 2019 ORGANIZATIONS • Canadian Open aka Rogers Cup, ATP Tour, WTA, and Tennis Canada ISSUES • Sports,...

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River Plate Win La Copa

River Plate of Argentina becomes what many in football recognize as the Champions of the Americas, winning La Copa Libertadores.MADRID, SPAIN — In a final moved to Madrid’s famous Santiago Bernabéu stadium, due to an episode of archrival mayhem in Buenos Aires, River Plate defeated Boca Juniors in the final...

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IAAF Athletes of 2018

The IAAF announce Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya and Caterine Ibarguren of Colombia as male and female athletes of 2018. MONTE CARLO, MONACO — In award ceremonies held today, the International Association of Athletics Federations announced the recipients of the 2018 Male and Female Athletes of the Year. Eliud Kipchoge,...

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Funeral: George HW Bush

World dignitaries, family, and friends gather at National Cathedral for the state funeral of former President George HW Bush. WASHINGTON, DC — Today, an important part of the state funeral ceremonies for former United States President George HW Bush is being held at the National Cathedral in Washinton DC....

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Junot on Trauma

Photo of Boy with Half of Frame Blurred

Novelist Junot Diaz has decided to reveal, via nonfiction writing, childhood trauma that he has previously channeled through characters, fiction, imagination. NEW YORK, UNITED STATES — In an important moment for those who closely follow the writings and career of Junot Diaz, the author has made public his experience of...

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Brasil Oferece PrEP ao HIV

A Woman Smiling While Holding a Pill

O Ministério da Saúde anunciou sua distribuição de medicamentos antirretrovirais como profilaxia, para reduzir o risco da infecção pelo HIV. SÃO PAULO, BRASIL — O Ministério da Saúde do Governo do Brasil, esta semanha, anunciou o início da distribuição de medicamentos antirretrovirais para reduzir o risco da infecção pelo...

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Jackson’s Thriller at 35

Man Leaning Back Looking at Camera

Michael Jackson’s Thriller turns 35 today, and its global audiences are celebrating that debut as joyously as they remember it. SEVERAL NATIONS — Today, much of the popular music world (and legions of fans) celebrate the 35th anniversary of the release of Michael Jackson’s second full-length album, Thriller, on...

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African Migrants Try Canada

This winter several African migrants in the US made the treacherous, snowy trek on foot across the border into Canada, acquiring frostbite, respite, attention, asylum.CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES — A number of vivid reports have emerged on migration difficulties for Africans in North America during winter resulting in dangerous border...

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Attack on Quebec Mosque

Gathering Holding Candles

There are reports of a mass shooting, injuries, and casualties at the Cultural Islamic Center in Quebec City, Canada. A mass shooting at a mosque in Quebec City has left six people dead and eight wounded. The targeted mosque is the Cultural Islamic Center of Quebec. A suspect has...

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More news, information, essays, and media are forthcoming for this section, to be regularly updated — do return here soon. SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — Please do return for the publication of work in progress in this section. . Filed under:

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