The venue is a museum, the medium is film, the exploratory mode is that of Toni Morrison, literary, perceptive, prescient.


Genre: Film, Viewing

Venue: Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Time:  April 28, 2018, 2pm

Sponsors: Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Curators: Part of a BAMcinématek Series, New Voices in Black Cinema.

Artists & Producers: Film focusing on Toni Morrison, novelist, winner of the Pulitzer Prize and Nobel laureate. Directed by Geoff Pingree and Rian Brown. Produced by Jonathan Demme.

Description:  In The Foreigner’s Home, her 2006 exhibition at the Louvre, Toni Morrison holds a series of conversations that develop from asking, “Who is the foreigner?” By way of footage and interviews, this documentary provides viewers with a provocative meditation on the question, its implications for race, identity, immigration, and “foreignness,” Morrison’s artistic and intellectual vision, and the possibilities of art’s redemptive power.

For more information, as well as tickets, see the exhibition site here. For more on the film itself, including other showings, please see the film site here.

Edwidge Danticat (l) and Toni Morrison in STill from film, The Foreigner's Home, 2018 (ICE Lens Pictures)

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