Navona has published a definitive Spanish translation of the Alexandre Dumas classic, The Count of Montecristo; “a great European literary event” in the language.


Genre: Books, Fiction, Translation.

Full Title: The Count of Montecristo.

Writer: Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870), French novelist and playwright, whose well-known works include The Three Musketeers (1844) and The Count of Montecristo (1845).

Publisher: Navona Editorial.

Place: Barcelona, Spain.


Preview: Navona announces the publication of a new translation and edition of the Alexandre Dumas classic El conde de Montecristo (1844). Notably, there are now only three available editions translated into European languages: the Italian translation from Einaudi, the French from Robert Laffont, and this Spanish version from Navona. José Ramón Monreal, the translator of this edition, describes its completion and launch as “a great European literary event” and further comments that:

“One had to separate a little the precious metal from the ore. The original manuscripts were almost never conserved, since they had not thought through the possibility of making critical editions of the novel.

“The objective of our edition is to contribute to this recovery of Dumas for the benefit of great literature. This required us to give back to the literary text its maximal purity, to polish material that had come from the printing press with multiple unintended material errors, much of which were inevitable in an industry serving mass market literature.

“One had to remove the novel from the purgatory of popular literature, in order to situate it in the tradition of unquestionably great literature.”

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